Swaddle Lab
Swaddle lab



Members of the lab

  • Dr. John Swaddle (how human modification of the environment affects the behavior, ecology, and evolution of wildlife)
  • Rachel Davis (MS student: the effects of mercury on telomere degradation)
  • Tim Boycott (MS student: reducing the risk of in-flight collisions for birds)
  • Robin Thady (MS student: TBD)
  • Lauren Emerson (MS student: TBD)
  • Macy Calder (Junior: influence of attractiveness on sperm allocation strategies in zebra finches)
  • Sally Mullis (Junior: reducing collisions for birds in flight)
  • Liz Kelafant (Junior: effects of mercury on begging strategies of young zebra finches)
  • Molly Lynch (Junior: communication between mothers and their embryonic young, in zebra finches)

One of the lab's ex-students, Caitlin Kight, has an ecology and behavior blog going, which you can check out here

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